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Finding Work in a New Town

Are you moving to a new location without a job? You're not alone. If your spouse has a accepted a great gig, and you're traveling in tow, you'll need to find something for yourself. Or perhaps you're an adventurous soul who packs up and moves to a new locale before...

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Has Your Network Deserted You?

If you were gainfully employed in the 1990s through 2 years ago, chances are you built up a fine network for yourself while achieving great success. But now that the recession is here, would you be able to call upon your network for help? Do you feel deserted?  If...

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Give your resume a facelift to look years younger

Don't let your resume date you. I review a lot of resumes, and have noticed a recurring issue with older career professionals. The resume offers up more information than it should. Those little hints that reveal your age, or make you look older than you are. When it’s...

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Resume Style – Less is More

Long before I became a resume writer, I studied broadcast journalism at Northern Arizona University. We were taught to write in the present tense, using short phrases, with easy-to-digest information. When I transitioned to resume writing, I took a lot of what I...

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