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What “Scrappers” bring to the workplace

Yesterday I saw a Ted Talk that was eye-opening. Regina Hartley, works in HR Management at UPS, and said she prefers to consider the “scrapper” over the “silver spoon” because these people have faced adversity and are more likely to address problems and solve them....

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Scan the Headlines

It's what we do. Every day. Whether it's a Facebook news-feed or a newspaper, headlines help decide what we want to spend our time reading, or whether we should move on to another topic of interest. With resumes, it's no different. Recruiters need to know within mere...

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Experience Matters

In any career, it takes time to get up to speed to learn your craft. Years ago, when I first moved to a new town in Arizona, my mom took me to a new dentist. He was right out of dental school and reasonably priced. But even at 13 years old, I noticed he took a long...

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Welcome back to Standard Time

This is our nation's last week of the season on Daylight Saving Time (DST). That's right, Saving time, not Savings time to which it is commonly and incorrectly referred. It's that crazy time of year when everyone is buzzing along in good spirits, and WHAM! Darkness on...

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Is Your Resume 1st Rate, or Out of Date?

It's Update Your Resume Month again, and a reminder to anyone who writes their own: There have been changes over the past several years that can now bring your job search to a screeching halt; even if that resume worked wonders in the past. Here are five simple tips...

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Whiners Need Not Apply

Throughout my 14 years as a professional resume writer, I've done quite a bit of volunteer work at various job search clubs and halfway houses. Job search clubs are a great idea because when you're low on cash and need help honing your job search skills, you can get...

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