I just came across a great new book that was recently written by Jason Alba of jibberjobber.com. It’s titled “I’m on Linked In, Now What?” And I highly recommend it!

I’ll admit I was late to the party when I joined Linked In. About 18 months ago, I had a colleague invite me to join her network. I checked it out and opted not to. It was too new, and I thought they wanted to much info about me. Plus I thought I’d be getting lots of spam as a result, so I passed.

Then about 6 months later, one of my more accomplished clients was telling me about the great jobs he found on Linked In and how he could tap into his network to find the decision maker. I was intrigued and took a second look, and then I signed up. But I didn’t do much with it. It required too much of a learning curve that I’ll admit, I didn’t have time for.

Alba’s new book is an easy read, and explains how Linked In works in easy to understand language. It outlines what it can and can’t do for you, and lays out the rules as well.

Now I can’t wait to go back in and beef up my profile and start inviting more people to my network on Linked In.

The book is affordable, and you can order it here.

–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes