Sometimes we get so close to our own occupation that we forget some of those daily tasks that get overlooked on a resume that can make us stand out.

For example: today a broadcast engineer friend of mine sent me a 7-minute video on how to climb an antenna tower. I watched this video and the first thing I thought of for a tower climber’s resume was to be sure and add: “agile climber, unafraid of heights, with an accident-free record.” But how many broadcast engineers would think to add that to a resume? Most won’t. They say it’s part of the job. But you never know why the last guy left his job. Maybe s/he fell?

Employers hate accidents and litigation. Therefore think about your occupation for a moment. What are some of the things you do that most people aren’t even aware of, and what makes you good at it. What do you like about it? For tower climbers, it’s the freedom, the love of the outdoors, and of course the view from the top that most of us never get to experience. What make them good at their job? They have to be unafraid of heights, mechanically adept, and willing to work on call, weekends, holidays, and nights.

I’m happy to keep my feet on the ground and live vicariously through the resumes I write. It also helps me point out the special needs required of different types of occupations.