You can’t get if you don’t ASK!

This has been my motto for a few years now. The answer can’t be yes, unless you ask, therefore it pays to ask for more money when a job has been offered. Negotiate! A recent survey of Recruiters shows that 60% are prepared to give more money, yet few candidates even ask. Read about it here in the Career Journal.

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One reply on “You can’t get if you don’t ASK!”

Hi Susan,

You’re right on target with this one. Earlier this year I accepted a new job, one I wanted badly. I was prepared to negotiate salary if it came to that. I had a figure in mind that I would accept vs. the one I thought they’d offer(after being in radio for years, I thought they’d low-ball me). When the offer came, it was above what I’d accept and I took it without thinking. Shortly after I started I realized I could have held out for more. I’m not bitter, I’m happy with my salary, but since I’m up for a review in three months I’m planning on being a little more careful when the “raise” issue is brought up, even though I’m grateful to be working here.

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