I’ve been shopping around for custom music for my radio show,  Career Matters. We are currently on hiatus and getting ready to expand to one hour in late July. I thought this would be a perfect time to find custom music.

I found what looked like a great site on line, with an impressive demo reel of past work, a mission statement, bio, and some testimonials. I looked around at other musicians, but this guy impressed me the most.

So I filled out the online form (about 3 weeks ago) and I’m still waiting for a contact. Perhaps it ended up in my spam folder. Perhaps they’re too busy. Or in some sort of trouble. Hard to say, but it reminds me that if you want a job, it is important to follow up. If someone asks for your resume, get it to them ASAP. And follow up to make sure your resume did not get tangled up in the spam filter.

The Fortune is in the Follow up.