From time to time I get potential clients who ask me to tweak or edit a resume they wrote them self, hoping to save a few dollars. We don’t do that and here’s why. Most people have no idea how involved resume writing can be. It’s sort of like doing home repairs without the proper knowledge or tools and then expecting a building inspector to overlook the important things, like a cracked foundation, drainage issues, or faulty wiring. New paint and drapes can only hide so much. The same goes for a “resume polish.”

If your goal is to effectively compete for your next job, you’ll find it’s less expensive in the long run to pay a professional who is up to date on hiring trends, knows how to write compelling documents, and has solid experience.

At 1st Rate Resumes, we’ve been selected to serve as the job search expert for “JobQuest,” a TV show that earned two Emmys and ten other industry awards. We sponsor the weekly radio program “Career Matters” on Fox Radio 910 in Roanoke. And we’ve got 10 years of experience in resume writing behind us. We didn’t just jump on the Great Recession bandwagon to make a quick buck.

We’re only successful when you are. And it’s not ethical for us to take your money for a resume tweak or edit of faulty work.