After 13 years of writing resumes, and hearing way too many workplace horror stories, it’s easy to figure out why people quit their jobs. While money and the ability to make a difference are definitely factors; the majority of job seekers have revealed to me they are not quitting their jobs. They’re quitting their managers.

One client told me when he started his job right out of college 28 years ago, he loved his company and his position so much, he never planned on leaving.  He worked for numerous managers, but it was his last 3 years with the organization that made his job a living hell. He had a bully boss, who would yell and scream over visible electric cords, florescent lighting, and not parking his car uniformly with every one else – front end toward the building. And no, he didn’t work for a car dealership; he worked in a television station. Antics like these might be humiliating, but they are not illegal.

Bad managers can make a job go from awesome to awful. And they cost companies a lot in poor morale, high turnover, company lawsuits, and the worst of all — violence in the workplace. The saddest part of this, is that most of their antics are not illegal. Rudeness is not illegal, even if it does create a hostile work environment.

Before signing on to your next job, checkout to find out if their are any issues you may encounter. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the long run.