Those of us who write resumes get this question from time to time. Perhaps you ended up on our website because someone told you that the resume we prepared for them worked, and it worked well. They may have even told you what the fees were when we wrote it for them. And chances are your friend paid less than what we quote you.

The reason? Every person has a different background and goal and the complexity varies from project to project. Just like a tax preparer charges less for a 1040 EZ than they would someone with several additional forms, investments, W2s, etc; it’s really no different. For example, a person with two jobs on their resume and one college degree will pay less than someone with five jobs and 3 degrees. It’s more work for us.

Also keep in mind that we have to raise fees to keep up with expenses. Gas prices are higher, which has increased the cost of goods and services we have to pay out too. Continuing education and certifications drive up our fees so that we can provide the very best products to you. What’s the point in buying the cheapest resume if it doesn’t work? That just wastes your money.

There are several factors that go into pricing a project, depending on the complexity, your goals, background, and level of your career. We are happy to provide a no obligation quote for our services once we speak to you, explain the process, and get to know one another. Call us at 623-556-0330 to get started.