Social networking seems to be taking over our lives and now to make things easier, you can coordinate your Twitter Feed to be delivered over your LinkedIn network, but is that really a good idea? Twitter is considered to be an informal means of communication, while LinkedIn is for staying in touch with those who can help you find work. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened up an email with the following LinkedIn update from one of my connections:

“(I) have a date with a smokin’ hot piece of man meat tonight”

At first I thought, this woman is off her rocker to send this out to her LinkedIn connections. And then I noticed that it originated on Twitter. Chances are she was unaware who was really seeing it. Besides, there are some guys out there who would be highly put off. If this tweet came from a guy remarking about a woman, there would be hell to pay because it’s considered sexist. But that’s another story for another day.

I don’t recommend connecting Twitter with LinkedIn for any reason if you plan if you want to keep your personal life separate. And by the way, Twitter is VERY PERMANENT and anyone can see it. Including future employers. Be careful what you shout to the world about your activities.

Susan Geary / 1st Rate Resumes