There are times when the perfect job comes along and you are called for an interview. But for some reason your personality just doesn’t click with the interviewer. Should you be concerned? Yes and no. Yes, if it keeps happening over and over. No, if it’s nothing more than incompatible differences.

Truth is, not everyone is going to like you, that’s just the way it is. And some jobs are just not meant to be  your particular destiny. While it can be a personal let down to not be offered a job, it can also be a blessing. Some things are not exactly what they appear. Accept it.

Probably the most difficult part of a long job search is the waiting. Some companies seem to take their time when filling a vacancy. Others change their mind and don’t fill it at all, without ever contacting applicants to advise them of the status.

I learned a long time ago there are numerous reasons companies don’t call candidates for interviews, most of which have nothing to do with you or your qualifications. In this economy, companies are taking longer to fill positions.

Find out in  advance all you can about the person interviewing you, so you can determine ahead of time what you have in common so you can have an ice breaker if you need one.