I lived in Phoenix 25 years ago when the University of Phoenix was located there, and only there. Then about 10-15 years ago this institution branched out to distance learning and then online learning. In the beginning, it was a good idea, and the school had a decent reputation. But then last year news surfaced about the aggressive selling practices of the school, and the settlement of a multi-million dollar fraud case. Now it appears those who will suffer the most are the graduates themselves. They hold tarnished degrees conferred by the University of Phoenix.

I remember interviewing a client awhile back about hiring MBA graduates. The client, a senior level manager, told me he was less than impressed with employees who got their degrees from the UofP, as opposed to a top public or private university. Ouch. That’s got to hurt the thousands of graduates who I’m sure, by their own accord finished the coursework, and probably had good instruction for all I know. The real problem is battling the nasty reputation of the school they attended.

Add that to the huge amount of debt incurred by student loans, and the lack of a high paying job that was promised upon graduation, and it’s clear to see why there are so many complaints across the internet about the University of Phoenix. Many other colleges won’t accept their credits for transfer either.

In the meantime, the best advice I can give is to put the degree on the resume, but bury it as best you can.