I get mixed signals as to what’s up with the economy. The folks in Washington say we’re in a slowdown with no recession, but my clients are telling me another story. I’m hearing things such as, “I’m getting job offers, but the pay is what I made 12 years ago with twice the responsibility.” Scary.

Today’s job market is vastly different from what we’re used to. Back in the 90s, a resume was a formality, and many times, nothing more than a phone number was exchanged on a cocktail napkin.

Now, follow up is KEY! If you’re applying for a job, and sending in your resume, it is up to you to take a lesson from the best sales people out there. FOLLOW UP! You must be persistent! Are you researching the key decision maker? Picking up the phone? Asking for a meeting? That’s how the best salespeople secure those contracts, and that’s how you need to be in your job search! You have a lot of competition! Now is not the time to be shy.

A fancy resume with the right keywords is no longer enough. The old rule that you should spend 40 hours per week in your job search still applies. Follow up skills are important, now more than ever.

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Good luck out there.

Susan Geary — 1st Rate Resumes