For the past 8 years, 1st Rate Resumes used a toll-free number that was assigned to us by BellSouth. When we relocated out of Lafayette, LA, we were able to keep the number and move it with us. It was very convenient, especially since the number was on all of our marketing materials.

But now that most cellphone and landline plans offer free or low cost long distance, we noticed that hardly any of our clients were using our toll-free number. In fact most of the calls to 866-690-4622 were for GMAC mortgage. That’s right. We spent most of our day picking up the phone for a wrong number. It was frustrating for us, and frustrating for the caller.

Rest assured, we’re still here. And we will continue to be available at We also have a Google Voice number: 562-774-3279 that will follow us whenever we’re on the move.

Thanks for your continued business.