We all know by now that you should send a follow up thank you note after you attend a job interview, and the sooner the better. But how many of you send a thank you note after you get a rejection letter? I know what you’re thinking…. “why would I do that?” Why? Because it shows you handle rejection with grace, and you never know if their first choice doesn’t work out. That’s why you should always follow up, even if the company says, “sorry, we’re interested in someone else.”

It works! Write a letter and express your disappointment, but let them know you’re still interested in working for the company, so if a position opens up in another department, to feel free and send your resume over to the hiring supervisor. It’s a great way to keep your name in circulation. Just because you’re not their first choice, doesn’t mean you can’t be their best choice. I’ve seen it happen.

Good luck in your job search, and remember that gratitude goes a long way.

–Susan Geary, 1st Rate Resumes