After spending hours perfecting your resume, carefully filling out the application, and sending it to the right person, what’s next? Follow up! Always follow up where you can, even if it’s a call to the HR Department to make sure your resume didn’t end up in a black hole somewhere. It has happened!

But don’t you hate it when you get called for an interview, you send a follow up and note and then keep waiting? That is probably the worst part of the job search. And this time of year it seems to be at its peak. That’s because so many people take vacation in August, and that’s a good reason why many people are in limbo waiting for that perfect job.

Don’t despair, instead, keep applying for other jobs, or tackle a project around the house you’ve been meaning to accomplish but said you didn’t have time for. Freeing your mind is sometimes the best option. Remember, a “watched pot never boils.”

Susan Geary – 1st Rate Resumes