I heard on the radio show “Marketplace” tonight a story about man with a dream to get his song distributed by Starbucks. He was inspired by a Starbucks Barista to write the song, about his personal Starbucks experience, that came to him while sitting in a Starbucks.

The song, “Java Jitters” was rejected by Starbucks, but Davido refused to take “no” for an answer. After consulting the best in the industry on how to get the company’s attention, he set out to produce a corresponding video inside a Starbucks store. Only problem is that the company prohibits filming of any kind on their premises. So after getting kicked out of more than 200 stores, he had enough tape to produce his video which not only airs on YouTube, but is getting lots of attention by the news media because of its internet buzz.

While the song and video are probably a bit too racy for the Starbucks image, I give Davido credit for following the advice of his peers (urging him to choreograph dance steps, and produce a video.) His follow through skills, and his ability to generate public awareness speaks volumes about his work ethic. He’s obviously not giving up!

You can read his story at javajitter.com

What a wonderful accomplishment to add to his resume! Can’t wait to see this unfold. Jimmy Kimmel, are you listening?

–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes