Most people don’t consider resume writing as a science, but after writing these documents professionally for nearly a decade, I have come to the conclusion that resume writing is an art, and a science. That’s because there is so much research and strategy involved that the average job seeker is not even aware of. Here’s what every resume has to achieve in order to generate a job interview:

1. Concise and easy to navigate
2. Easy to Understand
3. Conveys candidate value and attributes
4. Packed with pertinent key words
5. No more than two pages
6. Targeted to the position
7. Contains only relevant information
8. Answers the question “why should you hire me?”
9. Aesthetically pleasing

If your resume contains these 10 items, your phone should be ringing. That being said, even a perfect resume can’t hide a spotty background or lack of required qualifications. Your resume is snapshot of YOUR performance, and not a work of fiction.

–Susan Geary / 1st Rate Resumes