Every once in awhile I come across a client who isn’t sure what they want to do next and want to pay me to write a “generic” resume so they can apply for just about anything. I tell them “don’t waste your money or my time” because they just don’t work, unless of course you want an entry-level job.

Resumes need to be specific. If you present a generic resume to a recruiter with the perception they will find a job based on your background, think again. They want candidates who already know what occupation they are going after. Recruiters certainly don’t want the responsibility to choose one for you.

If you don’t know for sure what you want to do next, it’s time to evaluate your transferable skills and your passion and start there. I recommend the book “What Color is Your Parachute?” to launch the process. It’s an easy read, and you don’t have to read every chapter. Just the ones that pertain to you. Make sure you find a current copy, since Dick Bolles updates it every year.

–Susan Geary, CPRW / 1st Rate Resumes