I love the John Tesh Radio Show. This morning on his show he cited an article in the NY Times about how in our troubled economy more people are trying the “do-it-yourself” route rather than call a professional. One lady tried to install a toilet and after the water leak caused it to crash through the ceiling from her handiwork, she ended up paying far more than if she had just called a professional to begin with.

Many things are not as easy as they appear, and that includes writing a resume. People who have never hired a professional resume writer may balk at our rates, but consider this: How much would it cost in lost wages if after 6 months of job hunting you did not get any bites on your job applications? Seems to me that an investment of a few hundred dollars on a good resume and cover that moves you to the front of the line would make you money if you’re back to work in only 3 months. A professional resume can yield more job interviews, competing offers, and in some cases a higher salary. Yes, it’s still possible even in this economy depending on your background and occupation. And the best part? Expenses related to the job search are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Here’s the link to what John Tesh has to say about hiring a pro and how it can SAVE you money:
Sometimes It’s Cheaper to Call a Professional

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Wishing you success in your job search!

==Susan Geary, 1st Rate Resumes