A conversation was started with one of my Facebook friends today questioning the validity of Linkedin. “to me it’s pointless,” he wrote, and was asking for help on how to shut down his account and “link out.” Because my friend has a heap of influential and quite funny Facebook followers, the responses were coming in like a frenzy, all dissing on Linkedin. Has the shine finally come off the polish?

Some of the quotes were indicative of the negative feelings of Linkedin:

Where else can people endorse you for skills you don’t have?” became an early on favorite.

Another writes, “When you find the secret, please let me know. It’s the most pointless of the social media.

I’ve been restricted for years, they want me to upgrade for a special kind of abuse?

Meanwhile, my friend got directions on how to close his Linkedin Account., and then received a message that the fine folks at LI are reviewing his request. All while friends kept commenting on the uselessness of Linkedin and just how annoying it has become.

“Like the buttons you can inadvertently use to delete stuff you really need.”

Then came agreement from the original poster “oh yes, I’ve done that too. I am certified as a computer klutz!,” who added, “Now I’ve been notified that I have too many contacts to close down automatically. Someone from “Support” will be in touch soon. They should just have a “delete” option.”

People were agreeing with the OP, and adding they hated CAPTCHA, and that the rules were too stringent, and the company will hound you if you ever try to quit. It’s bad enough we get tons of junk mail from them, and it’s not easy to navigate where to turn off those broadcasts. Plus, and this is my biggest beef, there is no preview page. Everything you change on Linkedin goes live. That really sucks for the spelling and grammar challenged.

As I write this, more comments are coming in…..

I am amazed at the number of people I have lost touch with over the years who are “suggested” by the Linked system. I mean a step daughter from a woman in the 80’s??? Come on!

I just contacted linkedIn & asked them to delete my account because it is just so stupid to belong to a group of people who only want me to either endorse them or write them a recommendation… I think they dumped me

Once u get in-u can never get out. Impossible to get out

“Its the Hotel California of the Internet. … you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.”