It’s no secret that the more you do a task, the more skilled you will become at it, whether it’s playing the piano, cooking a meal, or applying for a job. It’s easy to assume that if you send out numerous applications you’ll get responses, but that doesn’t always happen, no matter how stellar your resume and cover letter are, or even if your qualifications are an exact match for the employer’s needs. Here’s why:

1. There are some companies that have already decided who to hire before placing an ad. Perhaps it’s someone from within, or a colleague the hiring director knows from a previous company. Due to EEOC regulations, many companies are required by law to post vacancies. Which is why you may see a job open up and 5 days later it’s no longer listed. It’s advertised only to comply with a federal law.

2. Some jobs are just not meant to be, and if you are especially mindful that your higher power is watching out for you, trust that the right job will come along. It just hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been thankful in several cases when I didn’t get a job, later finding out it’s a toxic workplace, or the job was too high-pressure, or the company shut down months later. One never knows. Trust in the process, and try not to get discouraged.

While it’s frustrating to hear nothing after all the hard work of filling out an application, think of it as good practice with online job applications, research, and tweaking your resume. The more you do it, the more proficient you will become at completing these complex forms. That way when the right job does come along, you can put your best work in front of the hiring manager, especially if there is a short window of opportunity and the closing date is fast approaching. Sloppy, incomplete applications, with typos get passed over every time.

Stay focused, don’t give up, and learn all you can about the job search process. There is no shortcut to experience and practice will make you polished, if not perfect in the job search.