It’s seems that phishing schemes are back. This time promising a high paying job as an “Area Representative.” Rodney Carisalez, a hiring manager with International Student Exchange Center (EPSEC), would like to offer me a job with his organization; a job that pays $31.28 per hour! With paid holidays, vacation, and education reimbursement for full-time and part-time employees. NO WAY! This sounds too good to be true. And I knew it was, because the email was addressed to me, from me, but urges me to respond to with my resume and contact information.¬† The email touts a dynamic work environment where people are valued in the international and student exchange industry.

Using a search engine, I typed in “How to Report a Phishing Scam” and was directed to this government website.— The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team at The government website gave me further instructions on where to forward the suspicious email.

In this sour economy, scammers are trying harder than ever to look legitimate and steal from you. We may never stop them, but research and due diligence will  slow them down. Be careful out there.

–Susan Geary, Certified Professional Resume Writer / 1st Rate Resumes