CNN recently broadcast a list of the most over used words on a resume. I wrote my own list nearly 3 years ago, which includes dull, throwaway phrases  such as, successfully, responsible for, and duties include. Words that all professional resume writers are told to avoid on a resume. The new list that CNN is citing includes, “creative” and “track record.”  Do you know why these words are over used? It’s obvious to those of us who write resumes for a living. Our work from three years ago is being plagiarized by the millions of job seekers who troll the internet in search of samples and fluffy phrases to include in their own resumes.

After 11 years in business, we have removed samples from our website so that our clients can receive the best copy writing services available. This includes resumes and cover letters that are custom to the occupation, background, and specific  goals. A 1st Rate Resumes is a secret and powerful weapon in the job search, and we cannot and will not allow counterfeit copies.