Well, I relocated again! This time to Roanoke, VA. This move has been in the works since February, when my local roller rink in Prescott, AZ ceased operation. After numerous moves over the past 7 years (5 states) I really did my homework on this one, and so far I LOVE Southwest Virginia. The landscape is gorgeous, the folks here are accommodating, and best of all there are 3 roller rinks in Roanoke County alone!

I sent out 3 resumes and got 3 job interviews, so it’s good to know that I’m still able to attract an employer’s interest. One position did not appear to be a good fit, after discovering in the interview that I’d be critiquing resumes, rather than writing them, and that I’d have to shut down 1st Rate Resumes. This one paid the most, and had a nice benefits package, but I have to be true to me and my passion, or we’d all be miserable.

The second interview came from a local radio station where the hiring director thanked me for my thorough online job application and diligent follow-through skills. I originally applied for a part-time position, but it was filled before I moved here. They called me anyway for a different opportunity that cropped up since then but had not yet been advertised. I’m really glad I stayed in touch over the past 2 months when I first applied.

The third interview was from a small business owner, but unfortunately he kept having to cancel meeting me because other things kept cropping up on his schedule.

Moral of this story: Take time when filling out online job applications and be thorough. This is a competition where you rarely get to see your competitors perform. Also, call up the hiring director and ask questions about the position and how they prefer to receive the application if there are no specific instructions. Many times just the introduction alone makes an impression on them, and they will keep an eye out for your resume.

Good luck in your job search.

–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes