I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Martha Stewart fan! And I didn’t become a fan until 2 years ago when I had to spend 3 months with my mother. She had on Martha every day, so I was a kind of a captive audience, but I got hooked.

Martha is a very smart woman with a Mida’s Touch. I don’t envy her, but I do admire her. She started blogging a year ago, and is now reaching out to the rest of us to link to her blog at www.themarthablog.com. On my next trip to NYC, I definitely want to go to her show.

One thing I would love to see Martha do this Fall is a canning segment. Not just pickles, like on her farm show, but how to make creative packages, with custom labels we can download from her website and attach with a glue stick to the jars. And fun fabric on the top, with a fancy gift tag. (Martha are you reading this?)

PS–September is Update Your Resume Month.