Have you ever photocopied your resume (or taxes) or any other private information using your company copier? If you’re required to punch in a code and your copier is attached to a computer network — BEWARE! Your boss can monitor everything you photo copy or print out from your computer.

I spoke to a former copier salesman today and we discussed this very issue. He told me that supervisors, HR departments, or anyone who monitors your company’s copier activities can have access to everything you photo copy. Do you really want them to know about your personal assets? Or that you’re brushing up your resume? Filing a bankruptcy or selling your home? Probably not.

Photocopies come cheap at places like FedEx (formerly Kinkos) or your local Office Max. You can also  buy a printer/scanner and do all these activities in the privacy of your own home.

This tip is provided by 1st Rate Resumes.