Every morning I wake up to about 20 overnight emails that I need to read and respond to. Most are spam, even though I have a spam filter. All it takes is one online order to a company, and voila! I am on their list forever after, or until I decide to “unsubscribe.” I get daily emails shouting of clearance sales, special newsletters, and opportunities to save money. About 4 times a year I go through the emails and “unsubscribe” where I can, but all it takes is placing an order, and I’m back on another list.

When you contact me for help in your job search, I won’t bug you with daily or weekly emails. Instead, I maintain a blog full of tips that you can read at your leisure. I’ll keep your inbox clear of junk from 1st Rate Resumes so that you can easily access those emails from recruiters looking to hire you. That being said, if I do happen to run across a job opening that would fit you like a custom suit, I will forward it to you. That’s a personal email, not a blast to 7500 people at a time.

There are times I wish I had the time to conduct email sales campaigns. Thankfully, for me and my clientele, I don’t.