One of my colleagues in Career Directors International is hiring a Director of New Business Development. Don Straits of Career Warriors recently posted his frustration on our private egroup with finding the right candidate. Don gave me permission to share, as these are issues you need to know about if you’re seeking a job. Don has hired hundreds of people throughout his career, and says “it never ceases to amaze me at how many job seekers just don’t get it.”

He continues….

“I have been looking at dozens of resumes, or perhaps a couple of hundred..and as we all know, that is a nightmare by itself. But something else really struck me. With all of the prospects I have identified and scheduled for phone interviews, or personal interviews, there is a common thread. I emailed links to each of them for my five websites (Corporate Warriors, Conferencing, and Blogs) for their review, prior to the interview. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, every prospect failed to do their homework and review the sites. When I asked them why not, they all had a list of excuses as long as your arm. A couple of them gave one or two of the sites a quick overview, but none of them had an in depth understanding of what we do or had any questions. They wanted me to tell them what we do. AAARGH.”

As it turns out, Don didn’t hire any of the prospects during this attempt at securing a Director of New Business Development. He’s apparently looking for candidates with a work ethic and research skills.

Let this be a lesson to anyone lucky enough to be called for a job interview. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Merry Christmas.