Years ago, I applied for a job with Continental Airlines, after working for a competitor for four years. I was brought into the job interview, which was the cattle call I was expecting, however, it was the unexpected that really threw me off my game — A TEST!

Now this wasn’t a math or English test; that you could study for. It was a behavior integrity type test, where they asked true-false questions. For example, “I get impatient when I have to wait in line too long.” Well who doesn’t? If I mark off “true” they may perceive me as intolerant, if I declare “false,” they may suspect I’m a liar.

More and more companies are using these evaluations, as I’ve found while researching this topic.  According to the instructions there are no right or wrong answers, however, I’ve determined that these tests are supposed to reveal your level of integrity, or the propensity to steal or use drugs. I did search further to see if anyone has posted a guidebook on what the answers truly mean, but couldn’t find such an offering. If you’re familiar with the reasoning behind these evaluations, then I invite you to join the conversation. No identity is required.   Many thanks! Susan