One of the biggest questions I hear from clients when I deliver a resume is “why isn’t my address listed?” I leave out the address to protect your privacy (as best I can these days) although I can only do so much.

Thanks to websites like I can find out how much you paid for your house, when you bought it, and if it’s for sale. Over at I can find out your approximate age and month of birth along with your current and previous addresses, and phone numbers.

I can look at your home from an aerial view and front at And now Spokeo will tell the world that you subscribe to magazines and that you like shopping and gardening.

All of this information can really put a dent in your job search. Hiring Managers should not be able to determine how much your home is worth, or what it looks like when it comes to hiring you. And few HR Managers would even admit they surf around online about a candidate, because technically they’re not supposed to. But does it stop them? Something to ponder.

There is a way to take back your privacy. requires proof of identity, such as a state issued ID card or driver’s license. The process takes 6-8 weeks.

At Spokeo, click on the privacy button at the bottom of their home page and follow the directions to opt out. This takes effect almost immediately.

For Zaba Search, I had a hard time finding the opt out rules, but did run across a blog with not only information on how to remove it, but includes a sample letter as well.

If find any other sites that reveal too much information, feel free to share it here.

–Susan Geary, CPRW / 1st Rate Resumes