About two years ago I interviewed Nick Corcodilos of AskTheHeadhunter.com on my radio show Career Matters. A straight shooter, with nothing to hide, I consider him a leading authority on the job search. At that time he stated LinkedIn was turning into a giant data dump and making it too easy for job hunters to click a button to find a job. When you take some of the work out of it, employers will get far too many applications and that does no one any good.

Ever since LinkedIn went public, they’ve added all sorts of tricks to their bag of goodies. A few months ago it was “endorsements” where you can easily click a button that says your connection is good at something in particular. Don’t get me wrong. I love it when clients write testimonials or endorse my work. Don’t we all? But when I get endorsements from people I barely know for “resume writing” it makes me wonder about the value of these endorsements. It waters them down.

Now LinkedIn is trying to convince its members they have one of the Top 10% Most Viewed profiles for 2012. Really? At first I thought it was pretty cool, then maybe a hoax, or spam. But then I learned it could possibly be a way for LinkedIn to get its members to tweet about it for a little viral publicity.  Perhaps what they weren’t counting on was people like Jill Krasny to expose their methodology. Here’s a link to her blog.