I’ve been harping on this subject for awhile now. Be careful about the information you list on your resume, especially if you’re applying for jobs online, or through jumbo job boards.

I’m not sure why, but the federal government is the worst when it comes to job applications. Government resumes require all the things we don’t put on civilian resumes, such as a date of birth, social security number, salary history, addresses of former employers and even your supervisor’s name. Leave that document behind in a copier at Kinkos and you could be in serious trouble. Thanks UNCLE SAM! It’s one of the main reasons I will not write a federal resume. The liability is too great.

Today’s CareerJournal published an article on steps you can take to protect yourself during an online job search. Read about it here.

Be safe online and in your job search!

–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes