Much as I believe that I help open doors for candidates looking for a job, I need to explain that I am limited by what my clients have produced. Those who are most successful using my services are already successful in their career. They just aren’t good at expressing it on paper. That being said, I can only help those with a spotty background so much. As one of my colleagues recently remarked on an egroup, having a nice resume with little content or accomplishments is much like having a shiny new Mercedes without an engine. Sure looks pretty, but it won’t get you very far.

What makes it easy for you to get a new job? Keeping track of your accomplishments, for one. Staying with your company at least 3 years is another. OK, I know that may not be easy in this economy, but here’s a common problem I see a lot: Job seekers jump on the first job that comes along, continue to look for another, quit the new job after 3 months to take the better job, only to hate the culture, supervisor, or get laid off after 6 months. That’s a dent that can’t be quickly removed.

If you want the best looking resume possible, you’ll need to maintain your own career performance. I can’t do that for you. I can only write about what you’ve accomplished.

Susan Geary, CERW / Certified Resume Writer