For the past few years, I’ve signed up with a number promotional marketing agencies that offer high paying “day jobs” handing out product samples and representing companies at grand openings and special events. These gigs, as I call them, require a head shot, full body shot, and resume to get started. Because they are considered modeling agencies, it’s perfectly legal for them to choose you based on your looks, because their clients are seeking a certain “someone” to promote their company (or products.) I like the variety of assignments, the flexibility (I have to turn them down a lot), and of course the rate of pay!

One of the agencies I’m signed up with offers a job discussion board for its models (that’s what we’re called) to share advice, ask questions, and get to know one another. Many times I see the same posting, “Why don’t I ever get called for gig?” which was recently answered (quite honestly) by one of the Bookers. I thought I share some of their insight with you, that was posted on their discussion board. I removed the company name to protect their privacy. Here are the ones I found most interesting:

*** Refrain from complaining about not getting any work in this forum. I assure you, our managers are reading and making notes of the many complaints posted on the Discussion Board – and it’s negatively affecting those people. ***

*** Have AWESOME pics posted of yourself! A clear, current and professional Headshot and Body shot. Over-processed or risque pics, or pics with your friends, boyfriend, kitty, etc do NOT work. If this is an industry you want to succeed in, spend the $$$ to get professional pics done. They’ll pay for themselves in no time from the amount of work you’ll receive as a result. It’s also a tax write-off. ***

*** Capitalize the First Letter of your first and last name in your profile. Clients who see that you couldn’t bother to type your own name correctly will wonder what kind of effort you’d give to their event. Certainly, those folks whose names aren’t typed correctly will be passed up for work every time. ***


So you see, it’s the little things that make a clear impression of what you can offer a future employer. Take note if you plan on signing up with any of the field marketing agencies who hire models by the day, or whenever you’re applying for employment.

Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes