The following was sent to me in this week’s issue of the PRWRA Hire Views (my industry’s trade newsletter.) The information is so good, I just had to share. Thanks to Laura DeCarlo, our esteemed President of PRWRA for sharing!

In the recent article, “Early Bird Graduates Get the Worm” by Nic Paton, psychometrics assessment provider, SHL, sheds light on the issues of college graduates and employment.

According to SHL’s research, “Graduates who leave applying for jobs until late in the recruitment calendar – (July- August) – are likely to be less bright than their peers and less likely to achieve levels of success in the modern workplace. The study suggested that graduates who apply for jobs long before the late summer are not only brighter but more dedicated and more highly motivated than their peers. They also possess more of the necessary behaviors that make a well-rounded employee. On the other hand, those who wait until later do “tend to be more resilient – they are less susceptible to criticism from others – but are less forward thinking, less analytical, less motivated, less outgoing and less persuasive than early bird applicants.”