Throughout my career, I have held down one or two part time jobs, along with running a business or working full-time. I like the variety, along with the immersion education I get that will directly benefit my resume clients. With more than 70 jobs, I’ve seen it all, especially when I got into retail.

As I’m sure you’re aware, most people form patterns and shop at the same place for convenience, price, and customer service. Shoppers get to know which cashiers and stockers are doing a great job and those who are not. however, what some shoppers fail to realize is how they are being branded with their in-store behavior. Employees learn who the regulars are and they make a mental note of who’s naughty, and who’s nice.

For example:  There are some shoppers who take advantage with unfair returns. I understand if an item is defective and you just got it home. But some shoppers actually wear items several times, pin the tags back on and say it had not been worn. The smell of laundry detergent says it all.

There are also shoppers who are friendly, honest, and appreciate good customer service. They don’t whine about the prices, or treat the help shabbily. Those are the dream customers.

Situations can change on a dime. One day you can have a good paying job, the next it could be gone. How you treat others in your day-to-day dealings will have a profound effect when you’re looking for a job. Everyday is your job interview. And companies like to hire people they know, and trust.