I never thought I would need to tackle this topic on my blog, because let’s face it, it’s been beaten to death a zillion times in newspapers, books, etc. Doesn’t everyone know you’re supposed to dress “appropriately” to a job interview? Well, apparently not everyone knows what the definition of “appropriate” is, so let me give you two examples.

I was flipping through the TV channel the other day looking for something to watch when I happened to catch Tyra Banks doing a segment on job interviews. She was running an experiment on whether telling the interviewer “you’re hot” would help get the job. It doesn’t. However, the man who conducted the interview did reveal that he was opposed to open-toed shoes on females. Even the little peek-hole kind. Take note: closed-toe shoes are considered appropriate for a job interview.

Next, an example from many years ago when I worked with a freelance employee at our firm. When I decided to leave the company, she applied for my job. My company flew her to the home office for an interview. Mind you, they had never met her in person before, but were impressed enough by her work to want to consider her for full-time employment.

My boss was shocked at what she was wearing. A leopard mini-skirt, matching blazer, and leopard pumps with black stockings. It was not even Halloween! So, even though this woman had all the experience and work ethic to do my job, it was her sexy attire that cost her the job. Ouch.

Don’t let this happen to you. Not only must you dress for the job at an interview, you need to continue to do so after you get the job. Because after all, every day IS your job interview.

–Susan Geary, 1st Rate Resumes