Today on “The View” the round table discussion turned to crying on the job and how it can get you fired. Whoopi and Joy mentioned that Barbara Walters had confirmed that people (okay, women) have been canned for such behavior. No one wants to see tears at the office.

Employers will find any excuse to put a reprimand in your file if they are looking to get rid of you. I’ve seen it happen to a co-worker. What’s worse is that this woman’s boss even lied that it was a reason for dismissal. But it was right there in her file. It was the old “lie and deny” routine. And of course we were told it was a “personnel issue” and could not be discussed.

We all go through sad times. If you can’t compose yourself, take a day off to decompress and call it a sick day or whatever. Just don’t show up all blubbery and tell the entire office you had a fight with your boyfriend. While it may get you temporary sympathy, you’ll also get noticed as someone who is highly emotional.