I got 3 very strange voicemails the other day that came in the middle of the night. They were 3 minute recordings of background noise which appeared to be from a bachelor party for one of 3 guys I heard chattering away not realizing they had an audience. The first call came in at 3AM, the second about 3:30, and the third at 4. I recognized the cellphone’s owner from my Caller ID. The phone’s owner never spoke to me, or knew that his phone was dialing out on its own.

Here’s what I suspect happened. The person had my phone number in their saved contact list and was giving it to his friend (because I’m a resume writer.) Add a few cocktails in the mix, forget to clear the number, and the next thing you know, he was inadvertently hitting the send button or the re-dial. It happens. No big deal, right?

But consider this. What if his phone ended up calling a client, or his boss? Imagine the ramifications of his business associates knowing he hangs out in strip clubs into the wee hours and gets sloppy drunk. That would be career suicide.

Now I’m not judging anyone’s behavior here. Just pointing out that your cellphone might rat you out, recording your every move (including photos too.) Be advised.

Everyday is your job interview.