I critique about 50 resumes per week for executive job seekers. And after picking up this gig last year, I’ve figured out what common errors are still being committed when it comes to these vital documents. Here’s the first 5 on my exhaustive list.

1. Including office phone numbers and email addresses as contact information.
Never list a work email address or telephone number on a resume. This sends a red flag that you look for work, using your employer’s resources.

2. Using the space bar instead of setting tabs in MS Word.
While the document appears to look OK when printed on paper, it can turn out to be a mess if it’s cut and pasted into an online job application.

3. Superfluous words.
Words such as significantly, successfully, are flawlessly are so overused on resumes. You either did it, or you didn’t. Recruiters and HR Managers literally roll their eyes when they see these terms.

4. Responsible for/Duties include.
Get these boring overused words off your resume. Use action-oriented verbs such as managed, oversaw, or directed instead.

5. Personal Information
Believe it or not, I still see resumes listing wife’s name, number of children, woodworking skills, and church membership. Most of this information is illegal for the employer to seek, so don’t give it away willingly.

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–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes