I wrote a resume earlier this month for a man about to lose his job the end of the month. He’s very accomplished and motivated and I was confident he’d do well in his job search in this crummy economy. Looks like he won’t be needing unemployment compensation. Today I got the following email:

Hello Susan,

I think I’m ready for that ASCII version.  Quick success story: After researching potential companies in my target market, I sent my shiny new resume to a company last Friday afternoon.  It was a blind send, which never works, right?  But I took a shot!  I received an eager email response of Monday morning, a phone interview Monday afternoon, a sit down interview with the owner on Tuesday, and they have stated they will send me a formal offer tomorrow. They loved my resume, and that gave a an opportunity to shine in the interview.  Because of the quick turnaround time, I am able to entertain two offers, and have my pick.
I’ve referred a friend, and when another friend asked about the cost I said “If it gets me hired even one week quicker than otherwise, it saved me money.”
You did a tremendous job.  Thank you, Susan!


No, thank you!