Beware of the JobFox Scam

About a year ago, I outed the Ladders for their practice of ripping apart professional resume writers’ work, and now it appears that has stolen a page from the Ladders playbook.

JobFox has a website where you can post a resume. But without even asking, they will go ahead and critique it for you, using a cookie cutter template that looks the same as everyone elses’ critique. A few of my colleagues were burned. I haven’t received one yet, but I’m sure I probably will. Thus my rant today.

If you’re doing your due diligence on JobFox, then make sure you visit this website first:

There you’ll find opinions of others who have already wasted their money with JobFox.

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14 replies on “Beware of the JobFox Scam”

I just logged in here for that very reason. I have come to the conclusion (ENTIRELY on my own) that JobFox is a farce.

…at BEST…

The very moment I had (finally) gotten my resume rewritten and I happened to submit it to a different site??? The very next day I had a direct call from a recruiter.

Job Fox has gotten 4 months of my membership until today. I just canceled it.

JobFox OBVIOUSLY capitalizes on "us" who are not professional job searchers and the "lag time" during which we are coming "up to speed" is their "green time" where they make money off us… until we realize they are useless- if not being purposely carnivorous and taking advantage of "desperate" job seekers who hope PAYING for a service will magically get them a job.

I have taken some of their advice to improve areas on my resume. However, most of it was already there, which made me think if they have even looked at it before sending their critique.
I have applied for 30+ jobs through jobfox, but had not received a single response from employers. With this and the fact that I have been (only) a basic member, I have my doubts that they even forwarded my applications to any one of the advertising employers. It sure seems to be the same scam like the Ladders job portal.

No recommendation to waste time and efforts with them.

Jobfox is terrible. I just cancelled my subscription too.

Once you activate your membership, they'll offer a "premium" package to purchase. "5 Star" jobs 48 hours before they're offered online and resume review…what they don't tell you is that it's a form letter. It's not personalized attention.

Then they'll try to con you into paying $399 over 6 months, for them to rewrite your resume for you.

My present resume has landed me 4 high end, non-entry level job interviews without the help of Jobfox's b.s. service.

Jobfox is wack. I'm glad I didn't fall for their sucker form letters and constant spam. Don't waste your time nor money with them. I would wager that it's all automated.

Best of luck to you and your job search. You're best strategy is to stick to people and their close connections.

I had the same experience with jobfox. I signed up and never got any responses from any recruiter, despite I have 9 years of experience.then upgraded my membership, they offered me silly false resume critique and of-course recommended that they handle my resume for 500 $ and i refused so they offered a discount , I refused.with some research I found out that most of their jobs are posted on craigslist few days before, plus they always deceive you with their false introductions to employers which is not right.I think we should all fight this and spread the news

Seems to be because of the resumes, but also because I did a simple check.
I get emails with highly matching jobs, so I went to the company website and did a basic search in their career section. Guess what? The position jobfox advertises? It's not even there.
Stay away.

100% SCAM. They do a great job of collecting jobs in your area so you will apply for them JUST so that they can "critique" your resume and get you to pay for a new one.

This is NOT A JOB BOARD! There are no real jobs to apply for, they just want your money.

And by "critique" I mean completely tear you apart.

PROOF: The one job that popped up for me was a job that I had already applied for locally, through the Dept. of Labor office. I called them and asked them about the status of my original application (still under review) and then asked them about JobFox… they said they do NOT even use third party job boards… so there you go, absolute proof from the employer themselves that JobFox is a SCAM!!!!

i haven't paid a membership to jobfox…just got my resume "review"…if i paid 59.95, my resume can be done by a professional resume writer with the hopes of getting jobs (YEA RITE!!!!!!!!!!) thanks for letting me know that it's all a scammmm now i don't have to waste my money

I posted my resume on jobfox and received a critique and many many emails suggesting I use their editing services. I have not used any, but an employer did contact me that found my resume on jobfox for a preliminary interview. I will do more research to verify that is not fake but it seems legit.

I signed on to JobFox several days ago and their basic $19.95 per month plan, and I must say that my experience so far has been 100% positive. I too was pitched on paying $329 for a "professional" resume, which I made clear was not an option for me at this point. Nevertheless, the rep that I spoke to gave a very good critique of my resume and gave me a link to several very good samples of their profesionally written resumes.
My rewritten resume has gotten high marks from everyone that I have run it past. Even if none of their leads pan out, this alone has been worth the $20 investment.

I had my resume done by JOBFOX for around 300.00. They did an excellent job and have received 3 calls for employment after I uploaded it on Monster.

Sorry, I dont think they are a rip off. The guy that reworked my resume did a fantastic job, communicated with me for changes I wanted to make and advised me along the way. I got my money's worth, considering how many times I made changes to it and resubmitted it.

Mine was a one time fee. Well worth it!!

It sounds like JobFox is getting its act together. They are hiring certified resume writers to produce their resumes, but understand that the writer is lucky enough to get around $60 for your project, while JobFox pockets the rest. Not to knock JF, they need to stay in business, and the writers need the work. It's a good model for beginning resume writers to get experience. However, for $300 you can find a writer with 10 years under their belt…. or pay beginners around $100 to do the same work and cut out the middleman.

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