(also known as How to Pray for a Job)

Going on job interviews for the perfect opportunity can be exciting. Especially when it’s a job you REALLY want, or at least you think you do. I’ve been through enough job interviews to realize that not all is what it appears and learned from the experience how to pray for the right job. There have been several times when I thought it was PERFECT until I worked there a few months. It’s also happened to clients. They take a job only to find out the company is bankrupt, or it was misrepresented, or the boss is bi-polar… you name it. Worse, is how to deal with it. Do you stick around for 3 years so you don’t have a nasty blemish on your resume? Or if the company goes belly up, then that’s decided for you.

So what’s a job seeker to do? Pray! But pray the right way. Instead of “Praying for the job” ask your higher power to give you the job only if it’s in YOUR best interest. And if it’s not, then “let it go.” That way it’s a win-win situation. Not every job is meant to be, accept that. Forcing the issue can cost you. I’ve seen broken relationships, health, etc because of crummy jobs. They are just not worth it.

Be patient, and pray. The right job will come along, just make sure you’re specific with what it is you want.

–Susan Geary, CPRW / 1st Rate Resumes