allows you to join groups where you can ask questions and contribute answers to show off your expertise. In an ideal world, it’s a wonderful way to get known and establish credibility. Be advised, it can also backfire. Sure you can get well known, but not exactly how you intended. You could be well-known for being an opinionated SOB who no one would ever want to hire.

Here’s the issue. I’ve seen questions asked about “the weirdest, or worst job interview question ever asked.” And the answers I read are astounding. Many that go on to insult the person who asked the weird interview question. These are questions and answers that really belong behind closed doors, not in a public forum where many HR Managers and Recruiters could be lurking.

Don’t think it’s possible to be blackballed because of these types interactions? Think again. What you say and do online matters.

And by the way, if you don’t make the cut in a job interview, the VERY WORST thing you can do is hound the company to find out why, call them out for for how they conducted the interview, and then tell the world about it in a LinkedIn group forum. Unless of course, you enjoy long-term unemployment.