Have you heard the news that Monster.com founder Bill Warren wants to start a new job search engine? Apparently he’s not that happy with what became of Monster.com so he’s reinventing the wheel. According to an article published by the Associated Press, Warren cites “commercial sites charge employers so much to list openings that the companies don’t post all their jobs – leaving potential applicants unaware of opportunities. Warren also thinks the sites push too much advertising on job-seekers and include too many “work-at-home” scam jobs.”

That’s why Warren is planning the launch a new way to search for a job through the DirectEmployers Association which encourages companies to list vacancies under the Internet’s “.jobs” domain so they are easier to find. For example, if you wanted to see the vacancy announcements at FedEx, you can go right to FedEx.jobs rather than have to search all over their home page to get there.

And it will allow DirectEmployers’ software to code such listings and make them easier to search by city or occupation. According to the article, “The group hopes to add thousands of occupational domain names, such as engineer.jobs, later this year.

–Susan Geary / 1st Rate Resumes