LinkedIn has always been a great tool for staying in touch with colleagues and building a on online network. When I joined back in 2007 I learned that “no sales” were allowed. In other words, don’t blast your connections with solicitations. It was all about professional references, and helping each other out. But just as LinkedIn’s interface and corporate structure have changed over the years, so have the rules and regs.

I recently learned LinkedIn does not allow you to publish contact information such as a phone number or email address in your profile. I learned this little trick a few years ago at a Linked In seminar and no one ever complained. But a note from their customer support department told me it had to go.

I found that rather odd, since the whole idea behind this company is to easily connect with career professionals.  I don’t want anyone to have to hunt all over the place to get in touch with me. So if you’re sportin’ a phone number or email address in your Linked In profile, you should probably remove it or expect a reprimand from their support department.