Have you ever watched a sled dog team at work? These dogs display such enthusiasm for their job. The same goes for herding dogs, and other members of working breeds. They don’t pull their sled, or herd livestock unwillingly. They follow their natural instincts and do what comes easily to them. They don’t make excuses, and they LOVE their place in the world of work.

These canines are fulfilled, mentally and physically, and they are better behaved and healthier dogs. Of course, if you lock them up in a New York City apartment all day, the dogs will end up bored, aggressive, or even destructive. That’s because they are NOT doing what nature intended.

The same is true for working people. I recently read somewhere (sorry I can’t remember the source) that 75% of American workers are dissatisfied in their jobs. 75%!!!! I’m almost certain it’s because they’re not living their highest purpose, just like a sled dog locked up all day in a New York City apartment. Boredom turns to anger, aggression, addiction… the list goes on. They develop all sorts of negative behavior and health problems.

When choosing a career, think about what comes easily and naturally to you. Do you prefer working outdoors or in a climate controlled environment? Do you like working around the same people everyday or love the excitement of meeting new people? Do you want to travel or would you like to stay closer to home? This is just a partial list of what can fulfill us in our work environment.

Everyone’s got their own list of dreams and natural abilities. However, if you ignore them, you will end up like the sled dog in an apartment. Bored, frustrated, and extremely unhappy; all of which can lead to disease, addiction, and bad behavior. What kind of life is that?

Our pets can teach us a lot about ourselves. We just need to pay closer attention.

–Susan Geary, CERW / 1st Rate Resumes