Ten years ago I launched 1st Rate Resumes when the Internet was just taking flight. Because of the Internet, the job search has changed drastically. Here’s a look back.

In 2001, paper resumes were still being faxed to employers and few companies were accepting online applications. At that time the one page resume was becoming less popular, although it was still OK to use a functional resume early in the new decade. Text resumes for on-line applications were just being introduced, along with the advent of the “key word search” used in applicant tracking systems.

When I started my business I had to stock resume paper and deliver documents and customer folders. Now I email everything since paper resumes are going the way of the 8-track tape.

Midway through the decade, online portfolios and web resumes were beginning to surface, and I wondered if they would be a passing trend or replace the traditional resume. Functional resumes have since lost edge. HR managers and recruiters have expressed a strong dislike for this style.

Now as we enter 2011, we have LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to help connect jobseekers with employers.

The classified section of my local newspaper has dwindled to two columns on weekdays, and 4 pages total on Sundays. In early 2001, it was at least 10 pages.

I remember filling out my first online application for KPBS Radio during the summer of 2002. It took me 8 hours to navigate that beast. Now I can complete an online application in less than 45 minutes.

What a difference a decade makes.