If you’re committed to continuing education in your career, it’s in your best interest to join professional associations that focus on your occupation. They offer an excellent ROI considering the average price of an annual membership.

When I decided to become a professional resume writer, I quickly realized there was no school I could attend to learn the trade. So instead, I joined 3 professional associations to learn all I can in a short amount of time. The average annual dues are $150 and here are the benefits:

1. Continuing education through annual conferences, webinars, and publications.
2. Expert advice on how to deal with unique clients and situations.
3. Member search feature on the association website.
4. Marketing and publishing opportunities.
5. Certification and credentialing.
6. Vendor discounts and partnerships.
7. Credibility

Nearly every occupation has a related association of professional members, whether you’re a Professional Organizer or a Tour Operator. Find one that relates to your career at www.google.com, join, and add it to your resume!

–Susan Geary, CERW, CPRW, CRW, 1st Rate Resumes